Three Very Important Words for Newbies

Warning! Today’s post may be a disappointment to you.

If you thought I was going to talk about html editing, driving traffic, or some cool tricks for easy product creation that is not the case.

The three words on my mind today are far more important than that. If we are not very knowledgeable with these words and act on them, than all the expertise we may have about internet marketing will not help us succeed.

Here they are:


We must have a burning desire to succeed! We must have resolved in our mind that we will do this no matter what. That desire is what will keep us going when things get tough. That desire will get the adrenaline flowing when we are faced with challenges, and we will be determined to win!

Having a clear vision of exactly why we are doing this will fuel that desire. You might want to check out this post  –  What Is Your VISION?. We must keep the end result pictured in our minds every day.

If we are thinking about this as a hobby rather than a business, our chances for success are probably much lower. There are many folks who started internet marketing because they had no other option – and succeed they did!


There are many different types of courses available for various income streams and niches on the internet. Some of them teach us how to do things via video, and a step by step teaching method which includes mostly everything we need to know. Others come in forms of video and/or audio and/or pdf, but we are left to figure out the technical part ourselves.

There are different kinds of coaching available as well – group coaching webinars, forums, or one on one coaching.

There is so much variety in courses and coaching that a whole book could be written on the subject.

Hopefully everyone would find something that would suit their personality, needs and budget.

What is NOT available though, is someone that will do the work for us – or make decisions for us! We can follow someone to a point, but we must be proactive in all things concerning our business. We are responsible for reaching out and getting help via forums, Google, friends on Facebook etc., blogs or coaches. There is much help available for those who try to learn and take action.

Reaching out to help others who have not come as far as us also helps us. It solidifies our knowledge on the subject and we learn the best way to go about helping others. We are also more likely to get help from others when we need it.

There are some things that we just need to do that is out of our comfort zone. We just need to get it done.

We must have our own insight as to where we want to take our business, how we are going to get there, what foreseeable problems might arise and how we plan to solve them.


Have you ever struggled almost to the point of giving up completely?

The process of trying to learn and master so many new things sometimes becomes rather tedious, doesn’t it? It can also be frustrating when we seem to build and build, yet nothing happens. Maybe we spent hours on a task and thought we had everything in place, only to find out we forgot something important – or worse – did it all wrong.

I have read of many successful internet marketers who also struggled and wanted to give up. They forced themselves to keep going, and suddenly they had a breakthrough.

In my opinion, tenacity is a wonderful characteristic to have, and will pay us great dividends in the end. There are many famous characters in history who have said that having tenacity was their most important asset. Never, never give up!

“I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”  Thomas Edison

I must confess that today I wrote this post as a reminder for you, but mostly for myself. 🙂

I would love to hear what words you think are very important, especially for newbies. Please let us know by commenting below!










  • Rose,

    I agree, sometimes we write from the heart and it turns out to be a message to yourself! I love when that happens.

    These three words are spot on when it comes to Internet Marketing. If there was ever a thing that could tear your heart out, this is it.

    On the other hand, this is also the thing that affords you the most freeing possibility of hope of a new life, of overcoming where you are and bringing financial improvement and freedom from stress and worry.

    You must hold on to desire, proactivity, and tenacity to get there, though.

    To Success!

    Mary Ann

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply May 9, 2014

      Thanks, Mary Ann!

      I guess that’s what blogging is all about – as we share from the heart or share what we’ve learned, those who are “on the same page” as us become our readers.

      You are absolutely right, we must hold on to those three words daily if we want to keep moving ahead.

      To your success, Rose

  • Dominic

    Reply Reply May 9, 2014

    Hi Rose,

    I’d have to say I think Tenacity is the one that stands out most to me and the other words that I think are important are just other words with a similar meaning, such as determination, perseverance.

    As with anything you start as a complete newbie you have a a very steep learning curve to get yourself proficient at whatever it is your doing, with many things to learn and master. Internet with internet marketing there is an obscene amount of things to know, various methods for traffic, blogging, building sites, outsourcing, coding and the list goes on.

    Many people love the idea of Internet Marketing until they see the amount of learning and work involved and then give it a miss. So having the Tenacity and determination to keep on going and keep trying and pushing is what splits successful ones from the ones who didnt make it.

    All the best


    • rosem53

      Reply Reply May 9, 2014

      Thanks so much for your input Dominic. It is nice to be in such a supportive group!

      Here’s to your success, Rose

  • Hi Rose,

    Back in the day when I was pursuing network marketing, through which I found internet marketing, I learned from a lady called Kim Klaver (in fact she was the one who led me to internet marketing by making me aware of the late, great Cory Rudl) the following:

    “Success is surviving the process.”

    In other words, the ones that succeed are the ones that stick around long enough to finally reap the rewards.

    The rest give up before completing the journey.

    Something else I learned (a little late) from Kim, although she attributed it to someone else (a Polish saying or something like that, I don’t remember):

    “You have to do well before you can do good.”

    She also used an air travel analogy about dealing with emergencies:

    Put your own oxygen mask on first before attending to children and people who act like children.

    In other words, unless you “get your own house in order” first, you’re not going to be a lot of help to anyone else.

    Which brings us back getting those three things in place, because without them we won’t get very far, will we?

    Best wishes,

    (“Kiwi” in South West Scotland)

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply May 31, 2014

      Hi Paul

      Thanks for your awesome contribution. Getting your house in order first is certainly great advice – something I definitely need to keep working on 🙂 For beginners, survival would be the main focus I would think!

      I wish you much success, Rose

  • Rose

    Reply Reply June 2, 2014

    I have been reviewing several of the products that I have purchased in the past and come to the sobering realization that many things will work if we persist at them. Attitude is as essential as knowledge.

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply June 6, 2014

      Thanks for your comment, Rose! I think that without the right attitude, the knowledge we may have gained will not be useful to us.

      Wishing you much success, Rose

  • Rachel Bock

    Reply Reply June 20, 2014

    Hello, Rose!

    I love this!

    When I read about having no other options but success, it reminded me about a “Go For No” training that I had some time ago that may be useful information for our community here. You started to approach it when you gave the quote from Edison in your Tenacity section.

    Many people think of failure and success as opposites. Either we succeed or fail. In “Go For No,” Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz clear up that misconception.

    Failure is a milestone on the path that leads to Success.

    (Wait for it… Wait for it…)

    Does that make sense?

    They aren’t opposites. We learn more when we take the time to understand why something isn’t working rather than “getting it right the first time.”

    Does that make more sense?

    I’d love to talk more about this. In fact, my article at was inspired by this article.

    Thank you for sharing, Rose!

    Rachel Bock

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply June 23, 2014

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks so much for your input! That makes perfect sense that failure is a milestone on the path that leads to success. We do learn much better through our mistakes.

      I am heading over right now to check out your article!

      Thank you, Rose

  • Pauline

    Reply Reply August 17, 2014

    Hi Rose,

    I think this article was written with me in mind. I am just picking myself up, wiping myself down and going for it.

    I definitely have the desire to succeed, and also the tenacity but just lately have got bogged down. I think a word that beginners to internet marketing should be aware of is PROCRASTINATION, that is the devil that caught me. Hopefully I am fighting my way through it now. So much so that I have just published an article about it at

    Success to You

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply August 22, 2014

      Procrastination is a bad one! However, you are fighting to get back on track which is the important thing!

      I’m heading over to check out your article.

      Don’t give up Pauline.

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