Blogging Basics 101 – Day 5

sky-290130_640BLOG IMGWe have finally made it to the last day of the mini blogging series, and the most exciting step! The trickiest part of setting up a blog is complete, and now it is time to publish your first blog post.

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Day 5

Click “Add New”, which is under the “Posts” section on the WordPress dashboard, and you will be taken to the word processor. Tutorials can be found in WordPress, YouTube, or any search engine if you are stuck or want details such as adding an image.

Writing your first post may seem a little scary, but there is nothing to fear. Although this is separate from your “About Me” page, you might choose to talk a little more about yourself and your blog. Peruse other blogs if you need some ideas on structuring your first blog post. Don’t worry about writing the perfect post, however spelling and grammar are important. The priority is to actually complete it and get it published.

Make an outline for the post by asking yourself these questions:

Who are you?

If you are a newbie and have not much experience with online marketing, say so. Do not be afraid to be transparent. By doing this, you will attract just the right audience for you. They can follow your blog and see how you are progressing. This will give them confidence in their endeavours.

If you have experience to bring to the table, tell them. You could share what you know in future blog posts.

Why are you doing this?

Do you want to offer value and share what you’re learning? Do you want to meet others at the same stage as you are? Tell them a bit about why you started a blog.

How are you going to do this?

Do you have a business plan that you want to share? What things are you learning about right now? What subjects might you be discussing on your blog? Maybe you would like to commit to writing an ongoing journal of your progress.

The Heading

Don’t forget to put a heading on your blog post. It needs to be clear, so readers know what your post is about. It is good to try to optimize for SEO in a natural way. It could be as simple as “Welcome to My Blog”. Numbers and lists make good headings. An example might be “10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog”. There are many resources online for researching how to write blog headings.


I feel that sincerity is key when you write a blog post. It’s ok if your posts are very general to begin with. Once you gain more experience with blogging it will become easier.

Remember to encourage commenting on your blog, because there are many benefits to it. Just to name a few – you are able to build relationships with others in the online community, it is always good to learn more from the insights of others, and comments are a good way to gauge which of your posts were the most popular (giving you an idea of what kind of posts you write well, or what kind of content resonates with your audience). The issue of blog commenting could be a whole post in itself.

This wraps up my little series on blogging. I hope it was helpful! Please comment below with any information or opinions you have on the topic of writing blog posts.

Thanks, Rose




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