Blogging Basics 101 – Day 3

sky-290130_640BLOG IMGHopefully you’ve decided if you want to start a blog, and know exactly how it will benefit you. If you happened to miss reading Day 1 and Day 2, they are here:

Day 3

Choose hosting and a domain name.

The first step in setting up a blog would be to decide on a web host. Web hosting is your storage space on the internet. It’s like owning a piece of land.

There is free or paid web hosting available. An example of free hosting services would be, or Others can be found by researching the internet. If you have absolutely no money to invest, it is possible to get started with one of these.

There are some cons to consider:

  • your web address would show your domain (your specific address), and the name of the web host – e.g.  – some people would consider this unprofessional, and may decide not to visit your blog
  • the web host would put their own ads on your site
  • there may be a few plugins included (tools for implementing special features on your website), but you cannot upload special plugins or themes for free
  • you cannot have keywords attached to your domain, which could affect your ranking in Google
  • it is possible to transport your own domain, add plugins or themes, and have the ads deleted but this all comes with a cost which could end up being higher than paying for a domain and hosting

If you decide to opt for paid hosting and a domain, (not to be confused with is a free blog creation tool that is very popular today. It is easy to use, and has templates and a ready made plugin system.

If you are serious about starting an online business it is probably best to purchase a domain and hosting. A domain is your address on the internet, like a mailing address to your property. A domain will cost approximately $10-$20 U.S. dollars per year. Hosting is paid monthly, however there are usually 12 or 24 month plans that you can choose. The general cost for this would range from $10 – $15 per month (at the time of this writing).

Once you have decided on a paid or free hosting system, you need to find a domain name. If you want to brand yourself online, it is good to get your name as the domain. If you are doing affiliate marketing for a certain niche, you may want a name that reflects that e.g. I have found from my research, that most internet marketers use .com rather than .net, or .org. It is easier for most people to remember, and it does appear to be more professional. A simple Google search will provide you with several different sites for purchasing a domain name and hosting.

I have purchased my blog hosting and domain through d9 hosting and have been very happy with their services, and I have not experienced any problems with hosting. I have had a couple of things that have come up in WordPress in regard to my theme and hosting (nothing to do with d9’s service) that I did not understand, and I have queried their support desk. The response was always within 24 hours and they saw to it that my problem was solved.

Please feel free to contact me or comment below if you have any questions!

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