What Is Your VISION?

Happy 2014! I wish you and yours all the best throughout the coming year.

I’m sure you have been bombarded with emails wishing you success for 2014. There is a lot of information coming our way right now regarding planning and goal setting for the coming year. What should we do to insure success for our business? How are we going to stay productive and move ahead?  Are there new tools or strategies that we want to implement? How do we manage and micro-manage things?

There is one and only one thing that I feel we should concentrate on before we even think about goals, business plans or strategies. That one thing is VISION. How do you envision your life as a whole? What things are important to you? We all have different “departments” in our life that matter to us such as relationships, health, recreation, having a comfortable and clean home etc. Obviously finances would be one of these departments if we want to pay our bills!

Today I’d like to talk about vision in regard to finances and having your own business. Why do you want your own business? Is it just to pay the bills or do you have larger dreams? Do you want to be able to take great vacations? Do you want to put your kids through college? Do you want to provide necessary funds to help those in need? Do you want to be free from debt? Do you want to be free from the time restrictions of being an employee for someone?

Your vision is your deep down heart’s desire. You must know exactly why you want to be successful as an entrepreneur. Envision in your mind the details of whatever your vision is. A simple example might be seeing yourself attending your child’s music recital to support them because you are no longer restricted by a job and you are free to work your business around events that are important to your children. Have physical pictures at your work area so you are reminded of your vision on a daily basis.

Setting specific goals is an important thing to do, but having your reason why – your vision – will make it much easier to implement your goals.

Take some time to really look into your heart’s desires. I sincerely hope 2014 will be a great success for you, and that your vision will become closer and closer as the year goes by.


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