What is on Your Mind Today?

How has your day been going? Do you feel defeated and discouraged, or energized and encouraged? How we think is very likely to affect how successful we can be in our business.  In fact, proper mindset is a very important factor for online success. Improper mindset can be a big reason why we do not take action in our business, which then results in failure to succeed online. Why do we not take action?

Some people are afraid of failure and wasting time and possibly money on something they know nothing about. The best advice I have received about this is to “do it afraid”. There are seasoned marketers who still feel this when doing something new, or launching a new product. If we get stuck on something challenging there is always help, literally at our fingertips. There are many great mentors online who have hoards of information on their blogs, and there are a lot of helpful videos online to help with technical issues.

Sometimes we may fail the first time we try to implement something we are learning, or in trying out a new idea and we give up too soon. I have heard many successful marketers comment that learning to fail fast will just speed up our success, and that much can be learned from our failures. Keep going until you see a breakthrough!

Perhaps some people get stuck on perfectionism – they are afraid to move on unless each little detail is perfect. While it is a good thing to do our best, sometimes wasting time on each little unimportant detail may not be the best use of our time. This is something that I regularly have to remind myself of!

If you think fear of failure may be holding you back, try to figure out what exactly it is that you are afraid of. Acknowledging this will be a first step to improvement.

There are other reasons that improper mindset may be hindering our success. We’ll look at another one of these soon.

To your success, Rose

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