Uses For PLR

The other day I touched on various internet marketing business models. One of those was PLR.

PLR (private label rights) is a digital product that is created by someone who sells it to others with a license for use. The PLR  may be in the form of articles,  e-books, software, graphics or videos. The details of this license may vary,  but usually gives the buyer the right to basically rebrand the product under their own name and use it for their own purposes. The creator of the PLR sells it to multiple buyers usually for a very reasonable price, or sells it to only one person for a higher price (therefore avoiding the chance of duplicate content being used on the internet).

PLR can be used for many different things. Here are some ideas that I have found.

It can be used as content for your blog, and it may give you good ideas for providing useful information as well as saving time writing it. You’ll definitely want to edit it and make it your own.

PLR written content can be turned into several reports to give away to your list, on a squeeze page, or maybe as a bonus to something you’re selling. Perhaps you could give something away on social media such as facebook and have people share it (hopefully giving you some traffic).

You could edit and use it as content for emails to subscribers – or maybe drip feed some content each day in the form of a little e-course.

Turn it into a video by reading the content (or have that outsourced), and using power point for some of the written part. If it is already in the form of a video, you could turn that into an e-book or several reports.

It could be used as content or a bonus in a membership site.

You could be the creator of PLR and sell it.

Hopefully this was helpful, and maybe you’ll come up with more ideas!




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