So Many Choices …..

The one thing that gets me excited about working online is the opportunity to choose from many different business models. Today I’ll share a basic overview on a few of the most popular ones.

Affiliate Marketing is selling someone else’s product or service. The affiliate marketer connects the buyer with the seller and earns a commission on the sale of the product. There are different ways to do this such as having affiliate links on a site owned by the affiliate marketer, having a blog specifically for selling a certain group of products, or writing a product review that includes an affiliate link.

Having your own website about something you’re passionate about is a good business model. Not only are you able to offer great value to others, but some of the ways the website can be monetized is using affiliate links to related products, posting ads, or advertising banners for other marketers. You can also advertise products that you have created.

Creating your own products is a great business model. Some examples of information products are e-books, reports, video tutorials, software and graphics.

PLR (private label rights) or products with resale rights is something that can be created and sold either for one owner or multiple buyers. PLR can also be purchased to edit as your own product and sell. Products with resale rights cannot be edited but can be sold.

E-commerce is having your own virtual store of popular products that you source or make yourself for selling online. Physical products can also be sold on E-bay.

Multi-level marketing is also another popular business model. Income is generated by people buying whatever product is offered, and joining the business through you. Residual income is then earned from their product sales and people that join the business through them. Each company has its own plan.

Providing services such as ghostwriting, creating graphics, being someone’s virtual assistant or doing technical work can also be a way to generate income online.

I hope you found this general overview helpful, and if you are thinking about starting an online business that it will motivate you to investigate further whatever model interests you.

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