Five Reasons Why You Need to Create Your Own Product

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I have come to the point in my online journey where I need, and want (somewhat reluctantly) to create a product.  If  fear is stopping you from creating your own products, then know that you are not alone!

We may think that we do not have enough experience and knowledge to create a product. What could we offer that has not been done before? Who is going to listen to us? This is a huge hurdle that may seem impossible for some people.

There are many successful marketers that have had this same fear before they created their first product, but they are so glad they overcame the fear and did it anyways. Hopefully this list will help alienate those fears and provide us with the motivation to get that product created!

  1.  It will make us an expert and increases our authority and reputation online.

Just the act of researching  information and having a thorough understanding of  the type of product we want to create will help us learn more about that subject. We could purchase similar products, and see what we can do to improve on them. It may  not be a product that we would sell to expert marketers, but we could start with a product that will be beneficial to beginners. By the time all the research is completed, and we experiment with what is already being sold, then we can decide how we’ll improve on it – and, we will have become an expert in that particular thing. If we create a quality product and cover all the bases, along with having great customer support, our clients will see us as an authority on the subject.  Once we become known online, this may also attract affiliates to promote our product.

2.     It will help to build our list.

If  people like our product, they will be willing to purchase something from us again,  and will possibly tell their friends about our product. They may also want to become an affiliate for promoting our products.  If  our clients trust us, this will also make it easier for us to promote other people’s products.

3.     It will give us something to use as a bonus.

If we have a product that would go nicely with one that we’re promoting, offering that as a bonus would help our affiliate sales and customer relations.

4.     It is another way of providing passive income.

Once we do the initial work of creating and launching a product, it is on the market. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that while we are sleeping, we could be making money!

5.      It will give us a sense of personal satisfaction!

We have done our research. We have found a desperate problem that we are interested in helping others to solve. We have put ourselves and our passion into this product. We have given people an answer to this problem in our own unique way. This will build our confidence so that we can go and create more products – each time, building our business a little further.

Thanks for reading these tips! If you have anything to share about product creation, please feel free to comment below.






  • Karen Thomson

    Reply Reply March 31, 2014

    Ah Rose… you have nailed it exactly. It’s all very well promoting other people but why will they listen if you can’t prove yourself as expert enough to know? And that expertise comes in the form of your own products of course. Great post Rose.. definitely sharing this one!

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply March 31, 2014

      Thanks for your comments, Karen. I’m beginning to feel excitement about creating a product!

  • Alonzo Stride

    Reply Reply April 1, 2014

    Hi Rose!
    Thank You for posting this blog. It’s exactly what I have been thinking, and you brought out many great points here. This is well worth reading and I enjoyed it very much. Also picked up some info from it.

    Again, Thanks Rose


    • rosem53

      Reply Reply April 1, 2014

      I’m glad it was helpful, Alonzo.

      Thank you for reading! Rose

  • David Bay

    Reply Reply April 17, 2014

    Some great points Rose. I look forward to seeing some of our group’s products.

    All the best

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply April 21, 2014

      It will be interesting to see what different folks are able to come up with.

      Thanks for your comment David!

      Regards, Rose

  • Steven Spiller

    Reply Reply April 24, 2014

    Hi Rose,

    Looking forward to seeing your first product! This is the toughest part of the course for myself. One thing that keeps holding me back and having to break past is the fear that the first product has to be perfect, awesome and something never seen/done before.

    Don’t be that way – we are learning. No-one is able to produce something on the first attempt which is so mind blowingly good that nothing else compares. Well, unless you are very special 🙂

    I have seen some products produced from established “gurus” that are quite frankly so shockingly bad that you wonder if they even bothered trying. I am not saying that we should produce rubbish, far from it. Try to create the best product you can and let others help should you be lucky to have others care enough to help.

    Take care and have fun

    • rosem53

      Reply Reply April 25, 2014

      You are absolutely right – we are learning. I think if we do our best, accept help from those more experienced, and don’t over price the product than we will be fine.

      Fred, I will be looking forward to your first product and am available to help where I am able to!

      Regards, Rose

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