8 Tips to Avoid Online Scams

In today’s economy there are people searching online for ways to make a little extra income, or possibly a full time income. There may be people who desperately need to make some money immediately. Unfortunately, they can be easy prey for online scammers.

Here are tips to help avoid being scammed:

1)  Research the person offering the product. It’s not a good idea to check product reviews, or to google the product name plus the word “scam” because these review sites could be fake. It is better to check out the person on forums related to the product being sold. Check out their website if they have one.

2)  Beware of sales pages or videos that are full of hype. The videos usually have an actor which is fairly easy to spot. There could be pictures of fancy houses and cars, as well as fake screen shots of bank accounts showing how much money they earned.

3) Beware of sales copy that states that the hidden secret to making easy money online has been found (or something to that effect). They may state that it is a push button ready made business where there is little work required.

4) Beware of  sales copy that does not disclose exactly what the product is.

5) Beware of sales pages that have many pop ups when you try to close the page, and each time a lower sales price is offered.

6) There should be contact information for the seller where you can reach them for support.

7) The seller could have one product launch after another. Unfortunately the money is made from the sale of the product, not the product itself.

8) Trust your gut feeling. There are no push button riches. It takes time and work to make money online.

Fortunately, there are honest marketers out there. They may use persuasive sales copy (without the hype) because that is just part of marketing, but they offer value and stand behind their products.



  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply April 4, 2014

    Hi Rose

    All good stuff and I’m sure that, like me, you’ve fallen for one or more of these over the years.

    One thing I was told once was to put in the search engine the product or the person’s name and add scam to the search and that will usually bring up something if there is anything to bring up! Sometimes it might bring up a great review, but others will indicate the scam if it exists!

    It always amazes me as to how much work these people have to do to set up a scam when they could spend the same and create a real product!

    Finally, the screens and lower price thing. When chasing the shiny objects, I always went through these screens until I knew the lowest price and then went through again to buy so did save me some money although it was usually a rubbish product I’d bought!


    • rosem53

      Reply Reply April 4, 2014

      Adding “scam” to the search is a good idea, and hopefully would mention a scam if there is one.

      I have done the same thing with the screens to get the lowest price, but like you, have experienced that most of those products seemed to be garbage. Live and learn, I guess!

      Thanks very much for your comments Dave!

      Regards, Rose

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