3 Tips To Rock Your Blog!

In being online entrepreneurs, it is a given that we will need to write a lot of content. Some forms of writing will be blogging, article writing, commenting on other’s blogs or social media, creating products and sales copy.

One of the things that I am truly enjoying on this online journey is blogging. Even though it is enjoyable, I do have struggles in regard to this and am learning a little more each day. I thought maybe there might be others who feel the same way I do, so today I have some blogging tips for you!

1)  We are writing for others, and we need to determine who our audience really is!

In the business context, are we gearing our information towards newbies or seasoned marketers? Are we targeting people who are interested in a certain aspect of  internet marketing, or will we focus on some of everything? Will our audience be of a certain age or gender? Maybe, if we’re just beginning this journey we will think of our audience as being all internet marketers in general.

Whoever the audience is, it may be helpful when we write our blog, to pretend we are sitting at a table with them enjoying a discussion. when we write our blog.

2) We need to find our own voice, so that our personality shines through.

There could be a thousand other blogs on the net sharing basically the same information. It is the way we share this information that will attract certain readers to our blog. We do want to entertain as well as inform. Telling stories in our style will also help our audience to get to know us.

I will confess that I am not there yet, and perhaps it takes some time and experience with writing to really find our own voice. My goal is to keep working at it!

3) What is the purpose for the blog post? We want to give value to our audience, so what can we help them with?

Do they have a problem that we can help solve? Is there something that they may be afraid of? If we’ve had certain struggles and fears on our online journey, then it’s a sure bet that there are others who are feeling the same way!

Is there something new we can teach them? As we learn this business we can share what we have learned with our audience. Would there be goals that they might be striving for? Again, maybe the same goals we are striving for.

What if we were to share our failures with our audience? I’m sure they would appreciate that. Maybe that would help them to not make the same mistakes that we made. It would show them that we are honest and authentic, as well as encourage them to get back on the horse and try again when they make their own mistakes.


I hope I’ve inspired you to go – do some writing!



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